Semi-sweet Hárslevelű (0.75 l)
2007 Vintage

2 099 Ft

The smallest purchasable quantity is 1 carton/6 bottle.

The quantity (1) represents 1 carton/6 bottle!



The probably Hungarian-born Linden Leaf, which is likely to be formed by natural fertilization, is a dominant breed in on the hillside of Tokaj. They are often cultivated together with furmint and are often combined with the Aszú material. If criticism is given, it is called the monoplane, but a good linden leaf can become a stable good wine in this segment, with the development of silky fine, ensuring consistent quality. The scent of pure sparkling wine is A kind of neutral. Linden, chamomile, clove, and discreet honey scent accompany the first cautious sniffers.

In addition to the floral dominance, the fruits are becoming more and more visible over time in our wine cup. It is well reflected and returned in its flavor to our fragrant expectations, which we have previously predicted in a few moments. It is a characteristic floral-fruity silk wine with strong, fresh and long acids. The apples and butter appear and slight minerality is lurking between the droplets. Its decay is not too long, but it can be remedied by retouching the glass into the hands and then taking the mouth.

Due to its aromas, it is recommended for white meats served with a sweet sauce, light, mainly fruity desserts, sweet muffins, at 10-12 °c.


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2007 Vintage”

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