Furmint is a good acid and sugar collector, and the latter is necessary for this excellent wine. The sweetly schooled Furmint, which contains late harvested sugar, is usually marketed as Aszú, Sweet szamorodni, or linden leaves and yellow muscat. However, he is a half-sweet, independent person, and beautifully returns the characteristics of Furmint. The 2016 Simonfay Hárslevelű-Furmint, golden wine with a clear glow. In its scent, you can feel the characteristic of the grape variety furmint, with its characteristic fruits and flower notes. First, the quinone and the light bulb are flattering through our senses, and then we can discover some mango and rock plum with a drop of honey.

The discovery continues tasting, and the most important thing is that after fragrant and tasting, the harmony is established. It has a taste of Apricans, and vegetable notes appear as a compliment. Due to his youth, reductive technology and directed fermentation, he was hiding with light but elegant acidity and filled him. Where once again we are immersed in the scene, where we turn the flavors again and again where we sit back and relax. It is a light-hearted wine, recommended for consumption in the 9-10 C, for lightly sweet food, light desserts or cheese for a little Chaource, which is a fresh cheese made from cow’s milk. But it can be a perfect companion for an afternoon conversation.