The Furmint grape and the dry wine made from it are one of our special excellence, which has long been interpreted as a “by-product” for Tokaj. But let alone not all of this, but the dry Furmint, because of the qualities, is so unique and great wine that not only has its place in the domestic aspect but also internationally represents uniqueness and quality. The full vibratory of the Barackos vineyard is placed in our glasses with a clear, pale golden color and a hint of green accents. In the scent, apples, pears, and citrus fruit appear heavily, and then some marzipans and mild herbal notes blend in it.

A drop of “Furmint candy” In this case is the raisins rather than the honey. In the tasting, an acid accent is the characteristic volcanic minerality of the farmland, and it also has a slight saltiness. It is growing into a definite wine, in which the chestnut is the preying among the secondary aromas. Its decay is moderately long, with some alcoholic warmth, the persistent flavors, which are a special mixture of freshly cut grass and fresh fruit. A young wine, which is already an excellent choice for wines with a more pronounced, strong acid-ridge and deeper alcohol structure.

Its consumption is recommended for 10-12 °c, it can be a good companion for White meats, Italian “white dressing” noodets. Its high acidity, which is characterized by its rejuvenation, can also be a companion to baked, sour or acidic foods.